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      Hi! We’re Tatiana and Simeon! We grew up in the Pacific Northwest and currently reside in Central Oregon. We document memories for people who are wildly in love and feel blessed to have the opportunity to interpret so many amazing couple’s stories. At the heart of what we do, we find so much meaning in getting to know our couple’s stories, quirks, and creating experiences for them to fall more in love. Because how amazing is it that out of the 7 billion people in this world, they picked each other?

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      I have spent many months reflecting on all our experiences with Rosemary and Pine. Tandy and Simeon have felt like not only a monumental part of our first year of marriage, but also the announcement and celebration of our son, who is now nearly 1 month old. From our engagement shoot, to our wedding and the sprinkled touch-ins in between, Jon and I have felt like we have been spending time with friends. As two people who don't love being in front of a camera, I reflect on the moments Rosemary and Pine captured and I smile because I know, this is us. They have a gift of capturing more than a moment. They seem to find the shot that captures the story, almost as if to transport the viewer into the memory itself. They see the lights, the people, the decorations, the smiles, the laughter, the behind the scenes, and the stars of the show and nothing seems less than EXACTLY what it should be.

      As a bride, I felt an immense appreciation for the amount of detail and the beautiful structure in which Rosemary and Pine presented their wedding packages to us and how intentionally they followed up with us for the several months leading up to our Wedding.

      I look forward to continuing to share our lives with them and invest in their dreams as they have invested in ours. I would most sincerely recommend them to any bride or groom, but honestly I would probably recommend them to anyone wanted to get to know someone new - someone who captures your beauty, yes - but even more so, someone who authentically believes that your "shot' is perfect. Utter Beauty. Pure Joy. Because it is.

      They reminded us of that truth, in every picture.
      For that, we are so grateful.

      -Emily and Jonathan


      We booked Rosemary & Pine as our wedding photographers after seeing the stunning engagement photos they had taken of some close friends of ours, and hearing about what wonderful people they were. We had already booked our engagement photos earlier in the year, so they offered to do an adventure/Christmas session with us instead! Tandy and Simeon followed my fiance and I MILES up the side of a mountain in rural Western Washington (with our dog in tow) so we could get the exact pictures we envisioned. They were 100% willing to try anything we wanted and accommodate us in any way possible (including holding the dog leash!). When we got our teasers back, I was SO thrilled with the STUNNING photos. Tandy took all of my requests for close up, black and white, intimate shots to heart, and that is EXACTLY what she delivered! We could not be happier or more excited to have Rosemary & Pine shooting our wedding in June of this year. If you are looking for talented, flexible, down to earth photographers who take your vision for ANY shoot to heart and deliver exactly what you're looking for, don't hesitate to book Rosemary & Pine!

      -Mariah and Kyle


      Tatiana and Simeon went above and beyond for my man and I. They not only captured beautiful moments but one of the most epic moments of our lives, the proposal! As one who dabbles in photography myself, I was blown away by their work on our shoot! They are easy-going and definitely people who are up for anything, anytime. If you're madly in love and love a little adventure, definitely take them on as your photographer to capture the most precious moments between you and your loved ones. I can't wait for them to capture our big day coming soon!

      -Whitney and Jason


      When Michael and i first decided that we didn’t want to have a traditional wedding, we really had no idea where to begin. Our main goals from the beginning were that we wanted to have fun and we wanted to do something entirely new. If we were going to get married, we wanted it to be an experience.
      A brief search on instagram lead us to Rosemary & Pine and it was the best thing that could’ve happened. From the beginning, tatiana was super attentive to our concerns, especially since we were traveling from california to washington and wanted to get married in the snow in may! Tatiana and Simeon were always on top of it and even scoured out good spots before the day we got married.
      On the day of, Tatiana and her husband Simeon showed up right on time. They were super prepared, which I appreciated since I had no idea what I was doing, and, above all, great people to be around. I even borrowed a dress from Tatiana to get married in! The hike up to where we wanted to get married was really fun with them, too. Although we were hiring photographers, it was also really important to us that we also enjoy their company on our special day.
      A few weeks later when we received our photos, we were in awe. They came out even more beautiful than we could’ve ever imagined. We are so grateful that we not only got the great photos we were hoping for to share with family and friends, but that we had one of the best experiences of our lives too.

      -Michael and Breanna


      Tatiana and Simeon were a joy to work with! They are very easy to get along with and made my husband and I feel really comfortable. We had a great time and it hardly felt like we were taking photos but more like we were hanging out! We were so impressed with the photos we got back- they are so creative and we loved them all!

      -Camden and Kaylee


      My fiance, Eric, and I recently had the opportunity to work with Tandy and Simeon Mease of Rosemary and Pine Photography while we were in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This husband and wife photography duo, based out of Bend, Oregon are simply amazing! If you are in the market for beautiful wedding or engagement photos (engaged friends where you at!), then look no further than these two, they will literally make your dreams come true! Tandy and Simeon are so kind and genuine. Their photography style is raw and organic. Eric and I felt like we were hanging out with old friends from the moment we met them. I admit that we were a little nervous for our photoshoot, as neither Eric and I are good at or enjoy being in front of a camera. But Tandy and Simeon immediately put us at ease and provided guidance so that we could just goof around and be ourselves. Honestly, Eric and I cannot recommend Rosemary and Pine Photography enough. Our jaws hit the floor and we immediately started giggling when Tandy sent me some teasers from our shoot. Do yourself a favor and book them today because I promise they will return the investment with their level of professionalism, quality of work, and providing a “date-like” experience.

      -Eric and Chloe


      Tatiana and Simeon are the absolute best. From the moment you reach out to learn more, they make you a feel so special. Our first meeting was in a coffee shop in Seattle and Tati made me feel comfortable, listened to all of my ideas and then gave me a big picture of what she could offer. Everything felt meant to be so I booked on the spot and I made the best choice. They are not only talented photographers but they are such kind-hearted and genuine people. They made my fiancé and I feel so great on the day of our engagement photos, we were both anxious and felt awkward, but they were prepared with questions, music and games for us to feel as natural as possible. That’s the biggest thing that we wanted in our photos, no poses and just natural photos of us just being with each other. They captured our dynamic and relationship perfectly. Tati is also very communicative and timely in everything she does, you will be so glad that you chose them to be a part of your wedding day. I know we are!

      -Blake and Kaitlynn


      Pretty sure Rosemary & Pine Photography went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry because they can make pure magic!! Not only did we get fantastic, intimate, and lovely pictures, but they got my boyfriend to smile! We had a total blast adventuring around Sedona with Tandy and Simeon. They made it so fun and easy to get candid shots of us just being us! They know what they are doing 1000%.

      -Laurel and Kalen


      Tatiana and her husband were both so welcoming from start to finish. They made both Ben and I feel super comfortable and included instead of just focusing on one or the other. The whole shoot was so much fun and even though it was freezing and pouring, we kinda didn’t even notice. It was like those scenes in movies where people are soaked in a second and you think, “that doesn’t even happen.” Oh, it happens!
      Tatiana made it so easy to just enjoy our time and love on each other while getting amazing photos. We didn’t feel nervous or weird in front of the camera. Which says a lot coming from a fellow photographer used to being behind the lens. Then came the vow renewal. Even as I write these words I tear up at just how special and needed this day was for us. This vow renewal came at the perfect time in our marriage. It was so healing and refreshing to be able to remind each other of our love and commitment and to remind ourselves why we're doing this crazy thing called marriage. marriage is hard work but so worth it, so it was such great experience to acknowledge and celebrate where we’ve been and get excited for where we’re going! Thank you thank you thank you to Rosemary & Pine Photography and all the other vendors who made this day so incredible. We will remember it forever!

      -Ben and Shannon


      My husband and I not only had an amazing experience with Tatiana and Simeon, we were also blown away with the photos we got back! They helped guide us so that we didn't look or feel stiff and their down to earth personalities made us feel so comfortable. Their photography not only captures a beautiful picture, but a feeling of the moment. We will treasure the moments she captured for us, forever.

      -Jake and Kristen


      Rosemary and Pine Photography was such an honor to work with. Not only did our pictures turn out beautiful, but they made us both feel very comfortable in front of the camera, bringing out our goofy side and our cheesy side - you could see genuine emotion! They were very quick to deliver and we received a large selection of photos. I will treasure these forever! Highly recommend, especially to those who want to capture the beauty of the outdoors (the beach was a great spot)!

      -Tyler and Kate


      I can’t speak highly enough of Rosemary and Pine. Tandy and Simeon are dream makers. From our engagement shoot, to wedding photos and florals, they did it all and exceeded our expectations. From the day we booked with them they were on the ball with communication. The florals for our wedding day were absolutely perfect with no detail left behind. I so much appreciate all the insight and suggestions Tandy gave me for wedding planning all along the way, but mostly importantly her emphasis on making the day what we wanted. Thank you Rosemary and Pine for all your hard work to make our day perfect!

      -Dakota and Whitney


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