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      If you’ve made it here, you are probably on the search for vendors, venues, or a wedding and elopement photographer to document one of the best days of your lives! And that must mean…


      There is something here for everyone. Whether you are the couple planning a wedding that needs a venue to fit 350+ of their closest friends and family, or the couple who wants to run away to find the most gorgeous views to elope. Bend, Oregon has got you covered with her majestic mountains, desert landscape, and ever growing wedding community.



      We’re Simeon and Tatiana, husband + wife photo film duo! We like to think we are students of love, but if our friends ask us what we do for work we’ll most likely say “adventurous wedding and elopement photographers!” Most of our work takes us on a road trip into the mountains, a hike through the most magical forests, and even to the seaside to document adventurous memories for our couples. But sometimes we just stay right here in our own backyard and shoot the most lovely weddings and elopements in Bend, Oregon.

      Truth is half of us (a.k.a. Tatiana!) has lived here her entire life and the two of us most likely won’t ever leave. We love it just that much!


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      The Painted Hills Couple Session


      If you are on the search for your wedding venue, we’ve got you covered! Below is our go to list of the top 20 Central Oregon venues! From breweries to lodges to the most beautiful resorts Oregon has to offer, we guarantee you’ll find something you love here in Central Oregon.


      McMenamins Old St. Francis School

      Address: 700 NW Bond St, Bend, OR 97703 | Phone: (541) 382-5174

      more info here

      High Desert Museum

      Address: 59800 US-97, Bend, OR 97702 | Phone: (541) 382-4754

      more info here

      Black Butte Ranch

      Address: 13899 Bishops Cap Sisters, OR 97759 | Phone: 855-257-8286

      more info here


      Sunriver Resort

      Address: 17600 Center Dr, Sunriver, OR 97707 | Phone: (855) 420-8206

      more info here


      Elk Lake Resort

      Address:  60000 Century Dr, Bend, OR 97701 | Phone: (541) 480-7378

      more info here

      Smith Rock State Park

      Address: Terrebonne, OR 97760 | Phone: (800) 551-6949

      more info here

      Rock Springs Ranch

      Address: 64201 Tyler Rd, Bend, OR 97701 | Phone: (541) 382-1957

      more info here

      Aspen Hall

      Address: 18920 NW Shevlin Park Rd, Bend, OR 97701 | Phone: (541) 389-7275

      more info here

      Hollinshead Barn

      Address: 1235 NE Jones Rd, Bend, OR 97701 | Phone: (541) 389-7275

      more info here

      Brasada Ranch

      Address: 16976 SW Brasada Ranch Rd, Powell Butte, OR 97753 | Phone: (888) 487-3563

      more info here

      Pronghorn Resort

      Address:  65600 Pronghorn Club Dr, Bend, OR 97701 | Phone: (866) 320-5024

      more info here

      Faith Hope & Charity Vineyards

      Address: 70450 NW Lower Valley Dr, Terrebonne, OR 97760 | Phone: (541) 526-5075

      more info here

      White Aspen Creative

      Address: 18707 SW Century Dr, Bend, OR 97702 | Phone: (541) 408-3233

      more info here

      The Open Door

      Address: 303 W Hood Ave, Sisters, OR 97759 | Phone: (541) 549-6076

      more info here

      House of Metolius

      Address: NF-980, Camp Sherman, OR 97730 | Phone: (541) 595-6620

      more info here

      Five Pine Lodge

      Address: 1021 E Desperado Trail, Sisters, OR 97759 | Phone: (541) 549-5900

      Loloma Lodge

      Address: 56687 McKenzie Hwy, McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413 | Phone: (541) 813-6018


      Address: 61240 Skyline Ranch Rd, Bend, OR 97702 | Phone: (844) 431-9701

      more info here

      Ranch of the Canyons

      Address: 11050 Vineyard Way, Terrebonne, OR 97760 | Phone: (541) 420-7851

      more info here


      Deschutes Brewery

      Address: 1044 NW Bond Street Bend, OR 97703 | Phone: (541) 312-6946

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      Bend, Oregon is a beautiful place for a wedding or elopement and we count ourselves so privileged to document so much love here! If you are getting married and interested in our wedding photography + film services just click the link above to write us a message! We can’t wait to hear about what you two are planning!