We’re Simeon and Tatiana, photo video husband+wife duo! We photograph weddings and elopements all over the PNW + beyond!

      She grew up in a little town in Central Oregon; gardening with her mama, playing in the forest with her dad, and running around barefoot 75% of her childhood. She is lighthearted, laid back, and loves to adventure. She’s an old soul and can listen to anyone’s love story on repeat. Coffee and flowers are the way to her heart.

      He grew up running around his family’s 13 acre farm on the Washington Peninsula; chasing his 5 brothers with bows and arrows, building tree forts and rope swings, and riding his bike into the creek. He’s kind + always honest. An adventure chaser at heart, whether it’s taking a free diving course in Thailand or venturing into the woods for a night in the backcountry. Thai curry and a good book are the way to his heart.

      PHOTO CREDIT: moon & marble photography
      The Painted Hills Couple Session