Couples planning a wedding or elopement are often doing it for the first time and we know it can be an overwhelming process. Maybe you don’t quite know how to best use your time, where to budget your money, or even what tools are available to help make the season of wedding planning a breeze. It’s no secret we’ve been around the wedding crowd for a while now and we’re here to help! This post is a list of the Top Wedding Planning Tools Websites + Apps you can use to take back your time and sanity! Planning your day can be more than just a long to do list with these tools!

      this website + app changed the wedding planning game!

      It’s no secret Pinterest is probably already known by the majority of human existence when it comes to planning your wedding! Many couples use this platform to create inspiration boards and share ideas with their bridal party + family. Pinterest is a search engine we use all the time when working with our own clients!

      PRO TIP: What you may not know is how easy it can be to help find the vendor team of your dreams and unique elements to add to your day. Pinterest doesn’t just have to end as inspiration, but one click through can open up a connection to someone or something even better! Our advice is to use Pinterest as a search tool to connect with the vendors + creatives who crafted that inspiration to begin with!

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      planning apps + websites

      Another helpful tool we have heard good things about is David’s Bridal Wedding Planning Toolkit. This is a free platform that includes everything you need to plan your big day like a pro! Vision boards, checklists, your wedding website, and registry can all be in one place! And here’s the kicker: it’s all free!

      If you are planning your wedding + elopement and haven’t already checked this platform out, we definitely recommend you take a peak!

      If David’s Bridal isn’t quite your thing, you can find similar platforms to check out below too!


      You read that right! Search local buy, sell, trade and wedding groups in your area for some of the best finds!

      We have come across so many great finds on local Facebook groups, not only for our personal life (hello free house plants!) but our wedding too! I scored lots of my vintage plates we used at our wedding reception as well as some beautifully cut wood rounds for decor. ALL FOR FREE. And if it’s not free, it’s probably cheap. So do yourself a favor before you go out and buy 100 brand new somethings and see if someone is passing theirs off after their own wedding day. You minus well check craigslist and Offer Up too.

      all about the money and our fave budgeting app!

      We all know planning a wedding takes a lot of time and maybe even more money. Keep yourself on track by setting a budget before you even begin to plan your adventure of a day. One of our favorite wedding planning tools has to be budgeting apps because they can make a huge difference when you write the final check as your day approaches. 

      We personally use Every Dollar, but have heard really great things about Mint as well. Some wedding planning apps like wedding wire have budgets you can set too. So depending on how cozy you want to get with your budget, you can choose accordingly.

      Some of our favorite options are linked below:

      Every Dollar | Mint | Wedding Wire | Zola

      get your inspo on with these websites and tools!

      Searching for wedding + elopement inspiration? Here is a list of our top wedding planning tools websites + apps that all make a beautiful effort to share inspiration with couples planning their day!

      Pinterest | Junebug Weddings | Style Me Pretty | Wandering Weddings |Green wedding shoes | PNW Weddings | Oregon Bride Magazine |

      shop local + support small using this niche website!

      What do we mean by that?! For starters, ETSY! There are so many artists and creatives on etsy who would love to serve you in making your wedding + elopement dreams come true. The opportunity is endless for customized invitation suites, wedding party t’s for that crazy bachelor(et) party you have planned, or even a one of a kind lace wedding dress!

      Another great option is to connect with local artists/businesses in your area to help put a custom touch on your day. Entertain the thought of sourcing items such as your wedding favors or other needs from someone local. You can often find a lot of amazing local businesses by searching hashtags on instagram such as #bendoregonsupportlocal, etc…

      these google tools changed our lives!

      Anyone here map out their entire seating chart only to have a word document glitch out and lose all the information you worked on the past few hours?!

      We love using google drive for a number of reasons, but our top two favorites has to be the seamlessly shareable documents and spreadsheets. You can invite others via email and have them view, edit, and comment on whatever you are working on! And the fact that it saves your work every few seconds gives us so much peace of mind. So whether it’s your timeline, seating chart, or bachelorette party agenda google has got you!

      gifts, gifts, and more gifts!

      Forget about registering at half a dozen different stores! There are so many great options that offer the ease of using one platform yet still provide a variety of brands and products for you to add to your dream registry! Amazon and Wayfair are two of our favorite options, but Zola isn’t far behind!

      Now that you know all about the Top Wedding Planning Tools Websites + Apps, you can get on with planning your adventurous wedding day without stressing out! We hope this post was helpful for all of you planning your wedding and elopements and you take advantage of the Top Wedding Planning Tools Websites + Apps out there today!

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